My work as a dancer and choreographer explores the interaction of patterns of the body and mind.  In my choreography, I investigate the power play of mind and body.  The use of extreme body pattern coordination and intellectual intention, my movement engages the dancer’s body in an intricate game of balance, aiding in a full-body experience for the performer and the audience member.

My work frequently showcases spherical, full-body movement, juxtaposed with abrupt linear placement of limbs in space, exaggerated with the maximum use of the space.  The use of spherical movements in my work accents the body’s natural intuition and leadership to carry a mind through space, providing the performer with an opportunity to experience movement from the inside out.  Linear placement of limbs connects the body to the space and reveals power struggle of the mind’s desire to predetermine the experience of movement.

Through the use of traditional and inventive techniques, my movement establishes a common vernacular that the body can use to script thoughts in space.   The repetitive, defined nature of my work allows my body and mind to encounter happy accidents and problem solving that manipulates the end product.

While every project uses varies performing art forms and processes, my work is connected through a developed vocabulary of movement and uniformed line of attack.  The subject matter that surrounds the work often dictated the techniques used in the creation process.  The close of every project sets the foundation for my next work.